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Designated emphasis in Complex Biological Systems

Complex Biological Systems (CBS) is an optional curriculum emphasis designed to train PhD students in the understanding and engineering of complex biological systems from the molecular and cellular levels to the entire organism. It is offered within the Biophysics Graduate Program (BP) and the Bioinformatics (BI) pathway of the Biological and Medical Informatics Graduate Program (BMI) at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

A designated emphasis is an area of specialization, such as a new method of inquiry, important field of application, or focus that is interdisciplinary. The designated emphasis can exist within one PhD graduate program or more than one program. Completion of the requirements for both the designated emphasis and the affiliated PhD graduate program will result in a notation of the designated emphasis on the doctoral diploma and the student transcript.

CBS departs significantly from traditional curricula. Students within this emphasis develop novel approaches to solving critical sociology and language problems associated with training scientists to be simultaneously conversant in the languages of biology, mathematics, physics, and engineering.

UCSF has recruited 10 new faculty members to expand expertise in critical quantitative areas and build an entirely new curriculum focused on the observation, modeling, manipulation, and design of complex biological systems.

Interested students must declare a Designated Emphasis prior to submitting the application for orals by filling out a Change of Degree form.

CBS administrator: Rebecca Brown, MS


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